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As an internationalist and democratic socialist party, I believe it is the responsibility of the Labour Party to “give real support to end the oppression of the Palestinian people”.

An ethical foreign policy for Labour must have securing freedom, justice and equality for the people of Palestine as a priority issue. This must be done within an anti-racist framework based on the principles of equality, human rights and international law.

Labour & Palestine will stress that supporting Palestine is about supporting human rights and opposing all forms of racism including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, whilst maintaining the freedom of expression for political debate and criticism.

I support Labour’s commitment to immediate recognition of the state of Palestine and an end to the blockade, occupation and settlements.

Further, an ethical policy must recognise that there can be no end to the oppression of Palestinian people whilst there is a continuation of the occupation of East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, the denial of full equality to all Palestinians – including those who are citizens of Israel and a failure to recognise the rights of Palestinian refugees.

I believe a policy on Palestine governed by the ethics and values of support for human rights and international law will mean applying these principles to UK trade with Israel. This should include applying international law fully to the settlements and any trade agreements.

I believe an ethical policy means ensuring that no UK funds are supplied and no arms are bought or sold that are used to violate the human rights of Palestinians.

I will campaign for Labour to recognise that its duty is to support the oppressed challenging the discrimination they face and that any solution for the people of Palestine must be based on self-determination for Palestine and equality and human rights for all.
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